Why is fatigue so tiring?

Fatigue has hit me hard recently.  I thought I was over fatigue, able to manage it; know the symptoms and adjust accordingly. But No.  Recent circumstances have left me reeling.  I’m like the phone battery that won’t charge properly, and all the energy and activity I was taking for granted now seems a distant privilege.

What caused this fatigue?

It’s a combination of actions, events, decisions by others and their circumstances that are impacting on me and draining my resources.  They don’t mean to.  They don’t realise and would be upset if they did.

When I first experienced fatigue an occupational therapist at the Hospice told me there were 3 types of fatigue

  • Physical fatigue, tiredness from doing too much, fatigue from not allowing the body time to recover and repair. The aching fatigue that moves round the muscles and bones of the body, that stops me getting comfy in bed and sleeping well.
  • Mental fatigue, tiredness from thinking too much, fatigue from the brain not being able to switch off, that doesn’t stop during sleep. The fatigue that brings brain -fog, forgetfulness and any other symptom that tells me my brain is overloaded.
  • Emotional (or Spiritual) fatigue, where emotions are overwhelmed, little issues blow up out of proportion and mood swings from coping to despair in an instant. For me this is the fatigue that is all encompassing, that quickly drains physical and mental resources too, leaving me feeling like a wrung out old dishrag.

I know this fatigue will pass.  The events that triggered the drain on my emotional resilience are easing.  I know in a few weeks with lots of self-care, not taking on anything too challenging and taking up offers of help the fatigue will ease and I will be ‘back to normal’.

It is tough to admit fatigue; the support of friends and family can make all the difference.  Using the ‘call for help’ functionality on the Care We Share platform means I can get the help I need without getting exhausted asking for it.

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