Where has my ‘get up and go’ gone?

As we approach the end of Lockdown2, I feel I have lost my ‘get up and go’.  I’m missing my mojo.  Normally by this time of year the negativity of short days and grotty weather is outweighed by the anticipation of Christmas and all the celebrations.

Can I learn from Fatigue?

A few years ago, I had a period of fatigue, it was one of the side effects of some treatment.  I was lucky enough to have support, which included targeted input to help manage fatigue.  This included discussing

  • How to recognise fatigue
  • How to manage energy levels
  • What drained me, things and situations that increased fatigue

And, most importantly to apply now,

What energises and replenishes?

I remember clearly writing down the negatives, the situations that drained my ‘get up and go’ and even as I wrote I could feel the energy leaking out.  Then being asked to write down what replenished me, what gave me energy, put a smile back on my face and gave me the resolve to face the rest of the day.

Number 1 Human contact; hugs, a touch from a friend, a pat on the back.  All the things we can’t do as we socially distance.

How I long to meet a friend, to air kiss, to laugh, heads together smiling and joking with no paper or material to cover our mouths.

How I long to see a work colleague, to touch their arm to make a point or give the non-verbal support to their words.

How I long to take family members, not seen in person for months, to give and receive a tight hug.  To let a child not part of my household, snuggle in beside me as we read a story together.

To experience any of these normal human interactions without fear.

Is it any wonder we are missing our ‘get up and go’?

Writing this makes me realise how incredibly resilient we are, that we have managed 8 months of enforced self-isolation and self-restraint.  There are months more to go, but there is hope on the horizon, so if you feel you have lost your ‘get up and go’, you are not alone, be gentle with yourself, it will return.

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