What if….

What if our friends and family knew what help we needed and when we needed it?

Getting the right support at the right time improves quality of life for everyone.  If you are a patient or primary carer life improves immeasurably with help.  Whether it’s completing  chores or the fun things in life; having the right people there at the right time changes an event from duty to pleasure.

Care We Share enables the right things to happen at the right time with the right people

‘I want to go out for a coffee’ can be as important as ‘I need my prescription collecting’.  And what if your local family and friends knew? They would help with both!

Not all care needs to be face-to-face; ‘I’d love a chat’ is vital for well-being and reducing feelings of isolation.  The chat can be in person, on the phone or virtual over the internet to keep remote friends and family engaged and involved.

My Care Circle on my Care We Share Network allows me to tell friends and family what I need when, with the expectation of support from anyone in my network.  I don’t feel guilty asking as I am asking a team and any member can respond to suit themselves.

If I am in the Care Circle I can decide if I can help this time, respond if I can and ignore if I can’t. I don’t feel guilty or that I’m letting my friends down as I know there are others who can help this time, and another time will suit me.

I can choose tasks that I enjoy, or that fit in with my current schedule.  If I am at the supermarket anyway, it’s no big deal to pick up your shopping for you at the same time.

Care We Share is designed to help us help each other without creating feeling of duty or being a burden. Taking out the negative emotions associated with caring makes for happier lives all round.

Contact us to find out more, share your care stories and keep the communication going.

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