Reflections on Carers Week 2019

What were your standout moments in carers week 2019?

The highlight for Care We Share was the launch of our partnership with Carers Trust Heart of England. We will be working closely with the team, many of whom are carers themselves, to implement the Care We Share platform for the benefit of carers and their families and friends.

Throughout the week we attended events alongside Carers Trust and learnt so much about the issues facing people with caring responsibilities.  This reinforced our view that Care We Share can be an effective tool to help.

Frequently during this Carers Week, we have been reminded that most people with caring responsibilities don’t think of themselves as carers.  As they don’t describe themselves as ‘a carer’ they don’t access the services and support available from many places including Carers Trust.   Even the Carers Trust estimate they are working with under 10% of carers both in the Heart of England area and across the UK.

‘We do it because we love them’

Like all of carers are parents, partners, children, friends who want to help loved ones to have the best life they can.  For many this involves sacrificing aspects of their life and ambitions to make the best life for someone else.  For others they would say it is part of their routine. However much you love someone,  no one deserves to be exhausted by the needs of others with no way out.  Carers will tell you of the rewards of caring, the special smile, progress or achievement that makes it worthwhile, but very rarely open up about the sacrifices they make daily.

Being a carer or having caring responsibilities may be temporary phase in life.   We are all complex human beings with many facets to our rich and varied lives.  The label carer can seem like a blanket that smothers all the other things.

We need to find other terms to enable those with ‘caring responsibilities’ to feel able to access the support available from places such as Carers Trust, Care We Share and the many other agencies and charities that are there to help.

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