Ok to be nervous

Are you Ok?  Are you nervous about restrictions easing?

We have spent the last 14 months being told to be cautious, nervous, worried, and now that’s changing.  The media is full of opening up, returning to normal, yet is it?

There are plenty of us feeling unsure, concerned and worried, thinking ‘what if’.  Probably we are the silent majority who are worried about ourselves, our family and our friends.  I am sure you are longing to see everyone, to have the hugs, to not think about masks, sanitising, spaces BUT what if?

Feeling risks

The past 14 months has reset our brains, we may not realise, we think about risk differently.  The nightly statistics of cases, deaths and vaccinations can be overwhelming, and make us forget that people died before Covid and will continue to die after Covid, we just won’t hear a daily number as a news headline.  We forget that living is a risky business, there are lots of risks we don’t normally consider, and ‘freak’ accidents are just that, not a reason to stop living.

Perhaps the lockdowns have made us more nervous, more aware of risk.

What is ‘fine’?

Your views and attitude to restrictions easing, how nervous you feel is your valid response.  It may not be the same as someone else, and that is OK.  If you don’t want to go out and party that is fine, if you do that is fine too.

What is not fine is expecting everyone to feel the same as you.  Being kind and tolerant will help us all navigate this difficult time as we adjust to being together again.  There is huge potential for conflict in families and friendship groups as we adjust to the new normal at our own pace.  Empathy is key.


I may not agree with you, you may not agree with me, AND we can still be OK and be friends.
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