Isolation; a killer

Isolation is as dangerous to health as smoking and is about twice as dangerous as obesity.

It has also been reported in science journals that isolation increases the probability of dying after a stroke or a heart attack.

We are social animals we need human interaction.  Isolation ‘messes with your brain’ as well as having physical affects, impairing the immune function and making us more likely to suffer inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Loneliness may be literally breaking your heart.

Isolation vs loneliness

Although linked, isolation and loneliness are defined differently.  My level of isolation can be measured by the number of contacts I have per week.  The lower the number the more isolated I am.

Loneliness is a qualitative measure.  I may have hundreds of contacts per week but if I don’t feel a connection, I may still feel lonely.  There is no one on my ‘wave-length’.

However, the more people I interact with reduces my isolation and increases my chance of finding a ‘pal’ or a new best friend. That will reduce my loneliness.

When life gets tough

Isolation and loneliness can make the tough times much, much tougher.  I am alone, facing a problem with no one to turn to for advice and support. I am overwhelmed.

Care We Share is the platform to help break down the barriers of isolation.  Creating your network of contacts reminds you of all the goodwill in your community; all the people who are by your side, physically and virtually, who want to help.  Putting out a “call for help” to the community means the person available will respond, changing your duty into their delight.  And it is not all work, many of our users create regular ‘calls for help’ to arrange social events.

If you think Care We Share may have a part in your life, now or in the future, please contact us for a free trial.


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