Crisis what crisis?

How do you define crisis?

For me crisis is when events overwhelm me so much that I cannot think about anything except the event.   My whole life, every action and thought is shaped by the event.  The world, friends and even family are ignored as I try to absorb the impact of the event.

Crisis in this sense is short term, a week maybe a month. Although the crisis period feels like a lifetime at the time.  After a while the rest of the world intrudes, forcing a change in focus, perhaps only for 5 minutes to begin with, away from the event and onto other things.  This is healthy!  Self-absorption for any extended period can damage mental health and lead to isolation.

Another definition of crisis is an event that changes your normal.  For example, when you experience a bereavement.  When a loved one passes, whether expected or not, there is a period of crisis, of shock, where every action and thought is in relation to the bereavement.  Then, after a while, perhaps once the funeral is over life returns to “normal”, but it is not the same normal.  There is a person missing from our lives, our routines change, and we carry on rebuilding our lives creating new relationships to cover the hole left by their death.


How do you support someone in crisis?

We want to help and so often do not know how to help.  There are no ‘how to help’ lessons at school to guide us. We are all different.  What I want may be the last thing you want at a time of crisis.   And when you are the person in crisis, being asked what support you want can create so much stress or distress.

We designed #CareWeShare to help those in crisis ask for the help they need from their community and for that community to respond.  Contact us to find out how we can support you.

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