Who are the carers?

We read statistics that there are millions of unpaid carers in the UK.  Who are they?

Very few people identify as a carer.  We are not talking about the professionals, all the people who get paid to care for others; it’s the rest of us.

And we do mean us, not them.  You may not think of yourself as a carer, yet probably you have cared or are currently caring for someone.   You may have said

“I’m just supporting someone while they get over an operation/ illness/ difficult time”

“I’m not a carer, I do the shopping for my neighbour and keep and my eye on them”

“My family live too far away for me to be a carer, but I call every day and let local friends know what they need”

If any of these sound familiar, you are have taken on caring responsibilities for someone who needs support and according to the statistics would probably be classed in the group ‘carer’.

Why does this matter?

Taking on responsibility for others, whether life changing 24/7 or just an hour a week impacts your life. It brings many unexpected joys as well as burdens, and situations you could never have envisaged.  It can be exhausting; it can compromise your quality of life and your health.  It is too easy to become isolated and to feel there are barriers to asking friends family and the wider community for help.

Care We Share is an innovative platform designed to help you engage with your wider community, to involve your family friends and local communities who want to help you but don’t know how and you don’t know how to ask.

It is difficult to ask for help, none of us wants to be seen as a ‘burden’.  Care We Share enables carers and patients to ask for help to their community, allowing the people who are interested in helping in a particular way offer their support in the way that suits them.  Would you like to find out more?   Contact us to share your story and to find out how Care We Share is all about #CaringMadeEasier.

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