And Breathe…

We breathe to stay alive, it’s automatic.  Yet so many self-care and self-help techniques rely on breath control,

  • How we breathe
  • Keep focus on each breath
  • How to use the act of breathing to calm and clear our minds

Whether you prefer mindfulness, meditation, yoga or exercise to relax, you will use techniques to breathe.

And Breathe…

Saying ‘And Breathe’ aloud or in my head immediately makes me take slower and deeper breaths.  A deep breath is a start to let go of some of the nagging thoughts.  I feel my ears emerge as my shoulders drop and frown lines smooth out.  Nothing has changed, yet everything is different.  My powerlessness, panic and worry are reduced for the seconds it takes to breathe.  Repeated focussed, slow and steady breaths start to restore some calm and perspective.  It isn’t easy to breathe alone, and there are many meditation and calming apps available to guide you as you breathe.

There are mountains of articles and research on the benefits of breathing, as part of self-help techniques and methods self-care.  It doesn’t matter which you try, the important thing is to try, to give yourself a daily, precious 5 minutes to feel calm, to gather your strength and resources to face whatever life is throwing at you.

Caring and self-care

Caring responsibilities can make self-care take a back seat.  Neglecting yourself will have consequences, not just for yourself but also for the person or situation that is taking priority in your life.  To offer the best support to your loved one, you need to be at your best.  Good breathing techniques can help you be at you best,

  • They are easy to do anywhere,
  • Can be done in a minute,
  • Don’t need any special equipment

A technique to breathe will not change the challenges you face; it could help you face them with confidence and realism.

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