About Carenet365

Boosting Social Care with Technology

CareNet 365 is a simple online tool allowing carers to coordinate care, share and galvanise support. When a family member is taken ill, the burden of care often falls on the closest to them who become their primary carer. With the current pressure on the NHS and Social Care this role of Primary Carer has been so important or so pressured. There are 7 million carers in the UK at an estimated economic contribution of £132bn per year. Carers juggle many things and are often under tremendous pressure financially, physically and emotionally.

Galvanising Support

Often others are keen to help the carer but coordinating everyone is as much of a task as the caring – often it is easier to just do everything themselves. This is a huge weight to carry and carers can quickly become isolated.CareNet 365 is a simple online tool which allows the carer to coordinate the care and share it with others, galvanising much needed support.

What is Carenet365?

  • An online tool to help primary carers manage and coordinate care

  • Simple access for the carer and their friends and relatives for support

  • An easy to use diary and expression of wishes allows people to pick care slots and tasks that they can manage

  • Leave messages and communicate easily between the carer and supporters

  • Manage shopping, hospitals appointments and trips to park

  • Maybe even roster in someone to visit so the carer can have time for themselves


Easier communication means less things to worry about. Your network will get real-time alerts on all relevant appointments & calendar entries, and can offer assistance directly through the platform. You will receive direct notification of all offers of assistance.


Family and friends that care for you (or that you care for) are part of the informal care network, a much under-valued resource. CareNet365 will allow better planning & scheduling of your network, using easily identifiable and colour coded appointments. See your network in real time.


Accessible through any internet enabled device, allowing you to plan, schedule & communicate with ease, whether you’re on the go or at home. Real-time alerts means you won’t miss important updates or changes to the calendar.

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